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We buy Lakeland houses fast cash

3 Aug

We buy Lakeland houses fast cash.


If you have a house or property that you want to sell in Florida, we want to help you. We buy them in all conditions from junkers to beauties. Fire, sinkhole, and storm damage are ok. We help people in all situations – foreclosure, divorce, short sale, inherited, out of town owner, tenant problems. We buy in all areas.

Close with a cash buyer. We can close in as fast as 7 days or on a date convenient for you. Let’s make a deal.


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We buy Lakeland houses fast cash.

We buy houses cash Lakeland FL

31 Dec

We buy houses Lakeland Florida for cash. 407-739-5773 or www.WeBuyHousesFlorida.com

Sell your Lakeland house fast cash to me.  I would love to talk to you about your situation, I buy properties anywhere in Central Florida and all of Polk County.  Typically I buy homes from good people who are in tough situations including divorce, foreclosure, need to relocate quickly, fixer uppers, fire damage, a Florida sinkhole house, and similar situations.

The house featured below had severe settlement cracks because in the 1950s the neighborhood was used for phosphate mining.  This caused the foundation under the house to crumble and the slab to crack.  Additionally the homeowner had to fight with their own insurance company to try to settle the claim.  Fortunately we were able to help them out so that they could get their insurance settlement and then sell their home to us.


Sell Lakeland house cash.  We buy Lakeland homes.  Your Lakeland home buyer.  We buy Lakeland sinkhole houses.